Recognizable from 100 yards, the 50mm2, or 50 Square, is Rockwell style embodied. It's hard to find a better value in a big watch anywhere. 50mm by 50mm case dimensions, solid stainless steel construction, Ronda Swiss 762 movement, and a butterfly clasp make this with a killer watch, and with prices starting as low as $300, the best bang for the buck out there.
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50mm2 White/Silver, Silver - Rockwell Australia
50mm2 Black/Silver, Silver - Rockwell Australia
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50mm2 Black/Black - Rockwell Australia
50mm2 Gunmetal/Gunmetal - Rockwell Australia
50mm2 - Rockstar Edition - Black - Rockwell Australia
50mm2 Jeremy McGrath Edition Black/Red, Black - Rockwell Australia
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