About Us

Bold American design fused with Swiss precision.

Rockwell’s entire mission is to provide the very best consumer experience on a range of products at premium quality. Rockwell is commitment. Commitment is Rockwell. Our mission is to serve each of you every day.

Rockwell scours every corner of the world searching out the best raw materials, the finest components and the most intriguing design work. By constantly seeking out what the end consumer desires, Rockwell is in a quest to bring the most innovative and creative products to market.

Attention to detail is our mantra at every stage of the business cycle. From finding the highest quality components and production processes, we endeavor on a daily basis to bring the consumer a product that can be experienced with pride and appreciation.

Our people represent the greatest asset that we have. By treating our employees and partners with the highest level of respect, they in turn help spread the word about the combination of quality and dependability which is synonymous with the Rockwell name.

A portion of every single purchase of Rockwell eyewear will be donated back to CharityVision whose mission is to help cure blindness throughout the world. Approximately 80% of blindness can be cured. By partnering with Charity Vision, we plan to help!

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